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Practically Doing Backflips...

I was having a lot of health issues at the time. Headaches, lack of sleep. The first three products

An Introduction to Cell Wellness

The 'Cells' are the most basic unit for all the wellness, or all the disease.  Your body is go

Bear Walker for Cell Wellness

Bear Walker is a Native American Healer and Spiritualist, who has dedicated himself to his medical

Running on empty? Replenish with Complete Body Nutrient.

Complete Body Nutrient is a natural electrolyte and bio-regulator, complete with over 70 essential l

Ignite the power within your cells with our Natural Energy Supplement.

If you have an irregular heart-beat or any heart condition, Cell Energy should be taken only under t


Paleo, The One Lifestyle Nature Intended

Long before Wall Street, Madison Avenue, corporate farming, food chemists, growth hormones, steroids, preservatives and the golden age of high-fructose corn syrup, nature designed the perfect food palette for humans.

What our ancestors ate provided plentiful energy to work and play; ample nutrients to think clearly and respond rapidly; multiple vitamins and antioxidants to beat back illness and boost vitality; and the priceless connection to nature that nourished not just the body  but the spiritual being as well.

It was an epic era of good, all-natural, healthful foods personally harvested and prepared to celebrate the joys of family and hearth.

No wonder our ancestors never faced our generations terrifying epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimers and cancer. And no wonder they could run miles, climb, build, carry and swim with comparative ease.

Its time to forget everything youve heard or previously read about Paleo, except this: Its the one lifestyle nature intended.

Indeed, Paleo has gotten an incredibly bum rap in the popular media. Too many people mistake it for eating like a caveman or Neanderthal. Grilled saber-tooth tiger, anyone?

Flush the stereotypes.

Who actually follows the Paleo lifestyle design?

Athletes. Physicians. CEOs. Fashion Models. Construction Workers. Professors. Homemakers. Farmers. Rock Stars. Students. Astronauts. Nutritionists. And millions of other healthy, content adults.

If your cells could talk, theyd be the very first to endorse the Paleo lifestyle. For it is at the cellular level that Paleo releases its awesome force: hard-wiring wellness, vitality, endurance and longevity into the fabric of every muscle, bone and organ in your body.

Here is a simple Paleo equation: If your cells are vibrant and healthy, so are you!

Paleo provides high-octane fuel to nourish both the body and the soul.

Think about what would most enrich your lifestyle this very moment, if you were suddenly in optimal condition down to your every cell.

What goals do you desire?

Do you seek greater mental and physical stamina? Would you like to reach and maintain an ideal weight and body mass? How would it feel to free your body from toxins and other harmful chemicals? What would it mean to your outlook to worry less about aging, illness and disability?

Perhaps, you would simply like to unplug periodically from our always moving, always hectic, grande-double-mocha-latte, Big Mac, iPad and Twitter world and reconnect with nature and rediscover inner peace?

If any or all of these self-improvements appeal to you, then the modern Paleo lifestyle design is also your lifestyle design and Cell-Wellness is your express ticket to achieving better health and personal fulfillment. 

itsPaleo by Cell-Wellness: Thousands of years in the making ready to enrich your quality of life right now.