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The Carr Knowledge Closed Loop

Posted in: General News  on Tuesday, September 6, 2011
If a customer has an issue with your business and there's no way for that customer to tell you about it, is he heard?  No.  And you've lost business.  Let's fix that today easily, effectively, measurably, and with little investment from you.

Half of businesses consulted discuss the need to build "closed-loop processes" that gather feedback, act on it, track it, trend it and repeat.  A great part of this is survey alerts, where feedback that indicates dissatisfaction is immediately escalated to service and support organizations, so that individuals can take action to directly improve satisfaction.  Frankly, it shouldn’t be a trend, because every organization that surveys customers should be doing this by now.    Need this service?  Call us.

The closed-loop feedback process starts with "choosing the metric or insight that you are trying to impact, understand and improve".  When you measure a variable, you will pay more pay attention to it. "Think about the metric you are trying to change fundamentally and apply that as your trigger point for your closed-loop process." said Rich Carr, President of Carr Knowledge Interactive Marketing & Advertising.

The closed loop is about resolution.  After visiting an Apple store for a transaction, you will be sent a survey. "If you complain, with an hour, a message goes to that Apple store. They are not treating this as research: this is something they look at every day."  Carr Knowledge can have this operating for your business immediately.

If your business operates in several locations, "CK Loop" can help you measure where each location is best, worst, is losing you money, or is developing customer interactions that can help your company excel in the eyes of your customer.  Instantly!

The four steps of the process:

  •     Collect customer feedback data.
  •     Make changes.
  •     Communicate feedback to customers and employees.
  •     Refine the changes.


THE CLIENT:             Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

THE CHALLENGE:    Max Muscle Sports Nutrition wished to adjust 'the Max Muscle Experience' specifically to what their customers demanded.  With more than 150 locations across the United States and Puerto Rico, and no defined 'experience' for their franchisees, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition desired to both define the experience, measure it per customer, and discuss the results system-wide each week until the 'experience' was defined and adhered to.

WHAT WE DID:        We installed the "Tell Max Muscle" program into the company website, point of sale receipts, consumer marketing, and the Balanced Score Card of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition making 'customer feedback' a condition of doing business at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition that was regularly graded, discussed and acted upon.

RESULTS:                    Increased Sales System Wide.  Reduced Date Between Visits.  Higher Per Average Ring.

KEY TAKEAWAYS:      Consumers have key insight that, if acted upon immediately, result in not only satisfied customers but true social marketing spikes as customers Facebook or Tweet about their experience.  We added a 'bounce back' coupon after the completion of each survey and sales of those products has increased significantly.  The best takeaway come from the client direct:

"Throughout my long retail career I have observed several strategies that attempt to gauge the level of customer service in the stores in my area of responsibility.  I have used secret shoppers, have conducted on site exit interviews, telephone interviews to name a few.  The same dilemma faced me upon joining Max Muscle 5 years ago as VP Franchise Operations – how to see the level of customer service in a Max Muscle store without invading the customer’s privacy and without upsetting the Franchise Operator who often perceives the process as trying to catch them doing something wrong?

In 2010 Carr Knowledge introduced a Customer Survey that resolved most issues just described.  On Max Muscle customer register receipts customers were asked to access and fill out a survey.  When they do they receive a bounce back coupon to revisit a Max Muscle location within 30 days to redeem plus the customer becomes eligible to win a monthly $250.00 raffle just for filling out the Survey.

At first I thought this was a brilliant strategy as it is cost effective and the customers do not perceive this request as an intrusion.  The truth is that it did resolve the purpose of seeing the In-Store Experience from the customer’s perspective on a range of questions culled by Max Muscle Management but it quickly proved to be much, much more.  The stores that encouraged their customers to access found many were returning within 30 days.  Those that saw this benefit realized the Customer Survey was much more than just an evaluation of the customer service being supplied.  It became a marketing vehicle that is now being used to drive customer traffic into the stores.  Is that not the purpose of an effective marketing campaign?

Still, there was another huge benefit that was realized but not thought of when the Survey was created.  Included in the Survey was a question regarding the Max Muscle Sports Nutrition opportunity to become a Franchisee.  It has been my experience that a large percentage of people franchise as a result of liking the store/company/concept they are satisfied in shopping with and exploring that concept.  The Customer Survey is now producing Franchise leads for our Development Team in greater numbers than any other current strategy!

I would recommend to anyone thinking about how to evaluate what’s going on in their stores to use the services of Carr Knowledge.  The Survey they manage for Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has exceeded our expectations."

Mike Brower
VP Franchise Operations

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