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Carr Knowledge is featured in author Seth Godin’s Bull Market Directory. Seth Godin, entrepreneur and author of the Best selling book Purple Cow, placed Carr Knowledge in this resource for connecting organizations with some of the world’s most creative thinkers shortly after he issued a call for entries seeking the world’s most innovative copywriters, brainstormers, advertising agencies, prototypers, designers, artists and more. Shortly after that, Carr Knowledge became one of the most sought after boutique agencies in the nation.

“Carr Knowledge has demonstrated that it is a Purple Cow catalyst, helping clients shake things up and think innovatively,” commented Godin. “Carr knowledge has challenged its clients to become spectacular and invigorating. Smart companies realize that they can create Purple Cows faster with a bull.”

In Purple Cow, Godin argued that the only effective marketing strategy is to build innovation into a product or service from inception, ultimately creating a Purple Cow to stand out among a marketplace of traditional brown cows. The Bull Market Directory is the next step for Godin in questioning traditionally accepted corporate strategies and inspiring business success by uniquely communicating his vision and expertise.

“To be included in the Bull Market Directory and receive recognition from a respected thought leader such as Seth Godin validates our commitment to providing extraordinary services on a daily basis, pushing our clients to be remarkable,” commented Rich Carr, Carr Knowledge President.

Godin’s Purple Cow was a Business Week bestseller for five months. It also appeared on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. The launch of the Bull Market Directory coincided with the release of Godin’s new book, Free Prize Inside. In Free Prize Inside, Godin expands upon the Purple Cow concept, divulging the secrets of companies that have succeeded by creating a product or service that is fundamentally remarkable.  Download Bull Market Directory

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